Great News - Higher Kingcombe Farm
27 June 2024

Dear members  (thanks for being with us this year ;)....

Anyway, the news we promised to send you after the 'hint' posted on our Facebook page recently:

1. As many of you know, our rented 'Lodge Lake' at Kingcombe has had an increasing blanket/Canadian Pond weed problem for a few years now. We have tried our damnedest to control/remove it during early summer each year but the 'blinking' stuff just keeps coming back, thicker every year. The blanket weed clings to the rooted Pond weed and just goes mad in clear/healthy/spring water (perfect conditions for it, and for Cormorants during the autumn/winter... grrrr!!).

Well, because of this, I decided to ask our Landlord & Lady if there was a chance of us using any of the other lakes & after a lengthy chat (sweet talk) we are pleased to report that DDAS now have access to ALL the lakes on the complex with the exception of the Specimen Lake, but this can be used for night fishing at a reduced cost of £15 for 24hrs (but don't forget, you can night fish the 2 island lake FOC).

This will come into effect from 6,30am this Saturday (29th June).

The website/handbook/clubmate rules & regulations will be amended asap but the main one to note is that YOU NOW MUST SIGN IN AT ALL TIMES in the hut adjacent to the cattle grid, including your membership number. This new arrangement is for a 12 month trail period, we need to keep records of visits/sessions.

Great news I'm sure you'll agree, it is a beautiful place, early evening there & you'd think you were in heaven & there are some good fish to be had (7lb bream & 6lb tench this week).

Please see the map below & look out for the rules/regs amendment..... most of all.. enjoy!!

VBW, Steve, DDAS Sec' (on behalf of your committee)

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